Our Methodology

Training Assessment and Design Process


For ultimate success, any training professional recognizes that training should be viewed as a process, not a singular event. That process begins with an appropriate training needs assessment of your particular current business challenges and asks:  What does success look like for you post training?

At Signature Worldwide, we ensure your successful training initiative:

  • Starts with the end in mind - the resulting impact you are hoping to have on your business.
  • Includes a thorough needs assessment.
  • Includes creative instructional design and development of content, methods, and materials.
  • Will be fun and engaging so the learners learn, the training transfers back to the job, and the results have impact on the organization.
  • Will be training that sticks long term!


A thorough training assessment would include:

  • Your current business situation and organizational culture.
  • The readiness and receptiveness of the people to be trained.
  • The responsibilities and work environment of the individuals to be trained.
  • Current metrics measured
  • Competitive information
  • Complete understanding of your vision of success


The results of that training assessment would be:

  • Clarification and prioritization of your training objectives.
  • Performance standards that represent success post training.
  • An evaluation of your current performance situation and the gaps between it and your vision for success.
  • Our professional recommendations on designing the most impactful training solution for your needs.


Not done well, training is a "nice to have" but a significant expense in time, energy and money! At Signature Worldwide, we ensure your training is truly a measurable success.

Full-scale Instructional Design

Once a thorough assessment of your business and training needs has been completed, we go to work aligning those needs with a powerful training program that ensures training that sticks. Our seasoned instructional designers are experts in adult learning and are creative in building a custom-designed training program, curriculum and training materials tailored to suit your needs.

You need not purchase a full-scale training program to take advantage of our expertise. Our designers are available for complete outsourcing instructional design needs or to help assist your existing internal training resources.

Our unique training methodology ensures the success of your next training initiative. Whether you are looking for help to assess your current business situation or design your training content, we have the expertise you need. Or if you want someone to do it all, we can do that too!


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