Our Methodology

"Signature's team has exceptional professionalism and attention to detail. It is a pleasure and an honor to partner with them."

Director of Training, Safemark Systems

Training Delivery – onsite, online or a blended learning approach.



At Signature Worldwide, we align our training programs with your business objectives. Following your training assessment, we clearly identify the business outcome you are seeking and the performance gaps that will define your training needs. We make sure we have created a clear vision or definition of what success looks like for you following training.

Training is our business. Whether you are outsourcing training delivery or customizing your own program, we understand the way people learn and incorporate the different learning styles into all of our training. We know people learn by doing, not by listening, so we use a variety of training materials and training delivery methods to ensure participants not only gain new knowledge and skills, but apply what they've learned back on the job - starting the very next day. Whether through role-play, small group activity, or individual action planning, we ensure your learners are engaged and participating throughout the training day. At Signature Worldwide, we believe training can and should be fun.

We have successfully helped organizations deliver customer service training, sales training, leadership training, customer loyalty training and even training on how to operate a safe.

Our trainers are experienced professionals that love what they do. They know:

  • A good trainer is not the "sage on the stage," but the "guide on the side."
  • The person doing the most talking is the one doing the most learning.
  • People don't argue with their own data.
  • A good trainer never does for a learner what a learner can do for themselves.
  • An active body equals active minds.
  • What I hear, I forget; what I see, I remember; what I do, I learn; what I teach, I master.
  • To never talk longer than the average age of your group.

In a nutshell, our trainers understand what it takes to make training stick!

Whether it's classroom training or online training, we have the perfect training delivery methods to meet your needs. 

Because we understand every client is different, with different logistical challenges, different resources, and varying levels of expertise, we offer a variety of training delivery methods such as:

  • Classroom training delivery for face-to-face training.
  • Asynchronous online training delivery.
  • Online instructor-led training (web classroom).
  • Mini-Sessions (teleconference training).


Do you have your own training program, and just need an experienced and professional trainer to deliver?

Signature Worldwide can provide you outsourced training that is geographically located near you to support your nationwide or international needs.

Do you have a widespread training initiative and insufficient resources to get your program designed and delivered professionally, quickly, and consistently across many different training locations?

This is one of Signature Worldwide's greatest strengths, and we have a solid history of managing many large training projects in different industries, with limited resources, in varying geographical locations. We have a reputation for being a trusted outsourced training partner, so whether you need one trainer, or many, we can accommodate your training delivery needs.

At Signature Worldwide, we recommend that clients take full advantage of all four parts of our unique training methodology, but if you only need quality trainers to deliver your training, we can do that too!

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