Our Methodology

Achieve Your Company's Sales and Service Goals with Training Evaluation and Measurement



You've heard the saying, "What gets measured gets done," but at Signature Worldwide we know, "What gets measured gets improved!" This is why training impact evaluation is the most important step to our unique four-part training methodology. All good training starts with the end in mind.

A wide array of training evaluation techniques.

At its most basic, there are four increasingly complex levels of training evaluation:

  • Did the participants like/value the training?
  • Did they learn?
  • Was there a change in behavior or work performance following training?
  • Did the organization receive the intended business result or sufficient financial return on its training investment?


Most training initiatives measure levels one, and sometimes two, because they are easiest. What makes Signature Worldwide different is our persistence at measuring levels three and four. It is this level of accountability that makes Signature Worldwide your best partner for training impact evaluation.

You can only "expect what you inspect." Therefore, a key component of the success of training lies in your ability to monitor and gauge your employees' change in behavior. Signature Worldwide's Web-based reporting provides you the opportunity - 24 hours a day - to listen to your mystery shopping calls, receive summarized evaluations, identify trends, and receive alerts, so you can continually monitor the customer service or sales behavior of your staff post training. Web-based Reporting allows you real-time information so you can give positive recognition or timely coaching for improvement.

Partnering with your Signature Worldwide account manager, identifying and aligning your business goals, and utilizing all the available training evaluation tools allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of training, measure the impact on your business, and calculate the return on your training investment dollars.

Web-based reporting at your fingertips. 

Training evaluation metrics are presented in Signature Worldwide's proprietary Web- based reporting system. Your own company dashboard will provide you trending data, show successful or unsuccessful use of new skills, and a snapshot evaluating your trainees' performance. If you dig deeper, you will find that you also have the ability to view benchmarking data and generate a number of reports that, for instance:

  • Compare your company's performance over time, or just for a specific time frame.
  • Show results by company region, district or individual location.
  • Compare your results to other similar companies or market segments.
  • Show each individual employee's use of skills and overall performance over time, or for a specified time frame.


At Signature Worldwide, we recommend that clients take full advantage of all four parts of our unique training methodology, but if you only need us to evaluate and measure your training, we can do that too!


Learn more about web-based reporting to monitor success 24/7.