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Take back your customer!

60% of all reservations are still handled at the property level according to a Smith Travel Research study. How focused are you on keeping those customers - or are you pushing them to book their reservations via an online booking agency?

Ownership of customers is a hot topic now with so many channels competing for attention. But regardless of where the research begins - brand websites, TripAdvisor, Priceline.com, many of your guests are still calling the hotel to make the reservation. And depending on how your employees respond, that reservation and customer is yours to keep… or lose!

Consumers are more educated today than they have ever been, which means when they are going to the trouble to call your hotel, they are likely ready to buy. Do your front desk agents help them or send them back online? Are your agents prepared for today's customers? Learn how to ensure your agents can convert those calls and keep those customers instead of driving them to another channel, or worse - another hotel!

In this session you will learn how to:

• Immediately assure the caller that you want their business
• Personalize the benefits of your property by engaging customers in a robust conversation
• Learn the difference between conversational and transactional language
• Learn how to differentiate your hotel from all the others when your customer has already researched
• Gain direct commitment from the customer
• Multitask - effectively sell at the front desk while checking in other guests

Stop acting like a salesperson because no one likes you!

No one likes to be sold to, but everyone likes to buy! When your employees act like salespeople instead of trusted advisors, customers are turned off and want to look elsewhere for help. But how can your employees learn that selling doesn't have to hurt? That they should be viewed as a client advocate who is there to help the customer with the decision making and buying process?

In this session, you will learn how to help people buy after you stop selling. Salespeople today are as welcome as visits to the dentist or political speeches. Stop being a cliché and learn what questions to ask and what questions to avoid at all costs. Compel your customers to want to do business with you instead of feeling like it is a painful process they have to endure.

You need to sound different than your competitors. If you have ever called around to your competitors, you know they are all pretty similar - asking for dates, rates and availability. Learn how to stand out right from the start and let your prospect know they have called the right place.

In this highly interactive session you will learn how to:

• Open a sales conversation that sets you apart right away
• Set real sales call objectives that are measurable and results oriented
• Identify what questions to ask, what questions to avoid
• Stop sounding like a salesperson and take a business approach to your prospects that they will truly appreciate

Traditional vs. Social Media Prospecting - Where is the profitable balance?

On average, how many times should you continue to contact a prospect? The answer may surprise you. Salespeople hate to prospect, yet the most successful salespeople make the most prospecting calls - what's the difference between you and them? Is it better to spend your time prospecting on the phone, in person or online? Or should you strike a balance?

This session focuses on prospecting in the digital age - without abandoning what has worked and continues to work in the offline world. Our goal is to get your sales pipeline overflowing with good prospects and opportunities.

In this session you will learn:

• How to leave effective voicemails
• What gets your emails through spam filters and into the hands of your best prospects
• What's the difference between a sales call and a prospecting call?
• Where is the most profitable balance between in person, telephone and social media or email prospecting?
• Where on the web can you find great leads?

I'm embarrassed by your online reputation

90% of all purchasing decisions begin online. 96.5% of all people are influenced by online reviews of products by others. What is your online reputation and how can you make it better? Increasing your popularity on TripAdvisor and other review sites is important. Do you know what you are doing? Your customers are making decisions about your hotel based on what others are saying - and how you are responding. What are the major do's and don'ts?

Whether or not you are aware, you already have a social media voice. Is it a pleasant and inviting one, or a highpitched annoying one? Learn how to communicate your voice to all of your employees, because anyone affiliated with your hotel contributes to that voice online.

In this highly interactive session you will learn:

• The best use of your time online - where the real revenue potential is with social m • edia, specifically for hotels
• How to manage your online reputation - improving your popularity
• How to be more engaging on whatever platform you choose
• How to ensure you have the online voice that you want

No more tears - stop hurting your customers and employees

80% of CEOs think they are doing a great job with customer service and 8% of their customers agree. Being a customer - or a customer service agent - doesn't have to be painful. Help your employees see the bigger picture, let them in on the secrets to being a success!

Have you ever wanted to just clone yourself when it comes to customer service? Do you want to learn how to inspire your employees to care about your customers as much as you do? Is your frontline staff in need of an attitude adjustment?

The economy has forced companies to cut staff and that has had a negative impact on customer service across the industry - with few exceptions. Learn how to differentiate your hotel from the herd by having a staff that is committed to ensuring your guests have a legendary experience.

In this session you will learn how to:

• Make split second connections with your guests
• Motivate your employees to understand the purpose behind delivering a great customer experience
• Recognize the impact that customer service has on sales because of reviews and photos shared online
• Inspire your employees to care

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