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As a Signature Training Account Manager, Kristy Westfall Moyer is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with hospitality organizations throughout the United States.

Kristy has worked for Signature Worldwide for eleven years starting in its headquarters handling various operational functions. She was a call center team leader, coaching and client services manager and in-house trainer. She joined the field operations team as a training account manager in 2002 and later became training team leader. Kristy also worked as an international training account manager, spending time in the United Kingdom and Ireland. She spent three years as a Regional Sales Account Manager and returned to the training team in 2011.

Some of her professional accomplishments include being given Trainer of the Year honors in 2004. During her time as a trainer, Kristy's portfolio had the highest client retention, customer satisfaction scores and Signature scores. Some of her accomplishments during her tenure as a training team leader included highest team client retention, employee retention, employee and customer satisfaction scores, and productivity.

Prior to joining Signature Worldwide, Kristy was a student at Indiana University and The Ohio State University where she studied journalism and political science. She worked as a regional sales specialist, trainer and store manager for such retail establishments as Calvin Klein, Jenny Craig and Aldo.

A resident of Hammond, Oregon, Kristy is a member of the Astoria Women's Executive Club, HSMAI, several hotel and lodging associations and is a board member for the Columbia Memorial Hospital Foundation.

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