Counter of Attack 2

Thank you for your interest in the Counter of Attack 2 Reinforcement Program.

A structured reinforcement program is the best way to further develop your staff and keep your team focused on these important customer service and sales skills. Studies show that over 80% of what is learned in onsite training is forgotten within 30 days without reinforcement.

Your Reinforcement Program for $89

In addition to the Counter of Attack training, Signature is offering a low-cost reinforcement program to help sustain the skills learned in the training. This program contains:


Personalized Coaching Call

Personalized coaching call with a Signature coach. This call will be conducted individually with each training participant within two weeks of the training.


Signature Cue-Tips™

Weekly Tips are sent to each training participant’s desktop/laptop or Smartphone. These Tips include knowledge checks and reminders to the training program and help ensure that the skills learned are sustained. Each Cue-Tip takes less than five minutes to complete.


Ongoing Training via Tune-Ups

Each month attendees will be able to participate in a Tune-Up that covers a specific customer service or sales skill. These 20-30 minute interactive phone sessions will allow participants to ask questions and role play the skills with a Signature team-member.

The program is for six months and your total fee is $89. This is a small amount to help build on the skills learned in the training.


Add-on Shopping Calls!

In addition, you may add to your reinforcement program mystery shopping. Signature will call your location, record the call and they provide you the recording and a score sheet. These calls are a great measurement and development tool.

You may add three calls over the six month reinforcement period for $79.50. This is in addition to the base reinforcement plan described above.

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