Customer Service Training

Signature Worldwide’s customer service training programs improve revenues, increase customer loyalty and inspire your employees.




Creating legendary customer experiences has been our goal since 1986.  Signature Worldwide has trained hundreds of thousands of customer facing employees to take their customer service levels from ordinary to noteworthy.

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Each of our customer service training programs includes direct training - onsite or via the web, along with ongoing support and mystery shopping.  Merely presenting your employees with a training module is never effective in the long term.  Our years of experience have shown us that any training program may inspire or motivate, but the key to long term success lies within the post-training follow up.  Measuring skills, reinforcing positive behaviors, sharing best practices, all of these elements are necessary to elevate your customer's experience every time.

Our programs drive results whether the training class is on site, online training or our interactive Web-Classroom training.

Our specialized customer service training programs include:

Service Edge™ - Customer service training for the front desk, housekeeping, food and beverage, activities, or spa employees.  Our proven service training programs promote awareness and ownership among your employees.

Service SkillKit™ - A unique training approach that targets daily department and shift briefings.  Let us turn your supervisors into customer service leaders by providing them with the daily tools to provide conversation and inspiration for your front line employees for a just a few minutes, every day.

Equipment Edge™- Ideal customer service training for any type of equipment rental agents.  Your staff will learn how to spot service and sales opportunities, and deliver a customer experience that will separate you from your competitors.

Leasing Edge™ - Providing legendary customer service to current or perspective renters can be a challenge, but our sales and customer service training designed specifically for the multifamily housing industry will improve your renters experiences immediately.

Customer Experience Edge™ - Customer service training that has helped hotels and resorts truly raise the bar.  Looking to go from three diamond to four?  Or to increase your TripAdvisor rankings?  Customer experience edge incorporates all that we have learned about delivering a legendary customer experience throughout every employee interaction at your hotel or resort.

Transient Edge® - Our most popular hotel training program, this sales and customer service training program helps your hotel front desk and reservations staff convert more inquiry calls to actual reservations bookings while delivering legendary customer service.

Call Center Edge™ - Hotel call center and hotel reservations training - whether your agents are responsible for several hotels, or several departments, our call center training program can help your agents convert more inquiries into reservations.

Casino Edge™ - Casino and hotel customer service training - from hello to goodbye, our casino edge training can elevate your customer service and sales levels in the reservations department, VIP services, valet, bell staff, front desk and throughout the casino floor.

Mystery Shopping - Onsite or telephone mystery shopping designed to help reinforce our training programs or yours.  Each call is scored and recorded and the results are made available online for ease of access.