Equipment Edge - Inside Sales

Build Your Customer Service Culture With Inside Sales Training



By managing the customer experience through the delivery of exceptional customer service, you can generate additional revenue and set your equipment company apart from competitors. 

Equipment Edge™ for inside sales is a unique training program that demonstrates the why and the how of providing legendary service while behind the counter and on the phone. It gives your team the skills and tools to deliver an exceptional level of service at every customer touchpoint. 

Using fun and inspiring activity-based training and Signature Worldwide's proprietary Magic Formula, your front-line team will learn to better focus on the needs of your customers and convert more inquiries to sales. 

Signature Worldwide's program will help your inside sales team to: 

  • Build consistency in your customer service interactions
  • Strengthen relationships with your customers by asking the right questions 
  • Convert inquiries to sales and rentals
  • Identify upselling and other sales opportunities
  • Deliver long-term results through a comprehensive reinforcement/sustainment program. 

Our equipment sales training program consists of several modules that are not only driven by results, but are inspiring, fun, and deliver training that sticks. These modules include: 

Legendary Service
Review characteristics of excellent customer service and discuss ways to create a legendary impression

What's in it for Everyone
Review benefits of delivering legendary service - benefits to the employee, benefits to the customer and benefits to the company

Reality Trip
Listen to recorded shopping calls and identify the customer service skills that were effectively used and areas where improvement is needed

Calling the Competition
Make phone calls to competitors during the training session and critique the service and sales skills used. We know you want to be better than your competition.

Selling Strategies
Review the products and services available and discuss ways to customize benefits to meet the customer's needs; Discuss how upselling and cross-selling benefits both the customer and the equipment company; Identify upselling opportunities and products that lend themselves to upselling

Creating Value

Discuss the importance of delivering a consistent message to customers.

And because Equipment Edge™ is specially designed to change employee behavior and create lasting improvement, employees will also practice their new customer service skills and inside sales skills through post-training coaching, and other on-going training reinforcement options.

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