Outside Sales

Improve your equipment company's transactional sales and relationship sales skills with Signature Worldwide’s Outside Sales program.




Our most comprehensive sales training program for the Equipment Industry, Outside Sales gives you the tools necessary to outpace the competition by learning to develop and execute better sales plans.

Relationship sales training that gives your sales representatives the skills to outpace the competition and drive results.

This equipment sales training program teaches sales representatives how to:

  • Establish credibility within the first minute of a customer interaction
  • Uncover the client's true needs, wants and budget
  • Respond to issues and objections
  • Gain commitment from the customer and much more.

Through Signature Worldwide's proprietary training method, salespeople learn the importance of building instant rapport and gaining credibility, all while controlling the pace and direction of any sales interaction.

Finally, an equipment sales training program that sticks.

The day after almost any training, your sales representatives will want to use their newly acquired skills, but more often than not, they fall back into their old sales habits almost immediately. That's why Outside Sales programs continue on, long after our trainer leaves. Immediately after training, our Signature coaches begin making calls to your sales representatives, allowing them to practice their new skills.  A few months later, additional training is available to reinforce the sales skills they have learned to raise your sales staff to the next level of success.

Ongoing telephone mystery shopping calls to your equipment company ensure your sales representatives use their new skills long after our training.

What's the best way to ensure sales skills are being fully utilized? Pretend to be a customer and record the results! While very few of our clients have the time or the personnel to do this, Signature Worldwide's Outside Sales includes an option for a mystery shopper service along with coaching.

Ready to watch your sales conversions rise? Contact us online today for more information on Outside Sales for the Equipment Industry!

Or, contact Barry Himmel directly to learn more: barryhimmel@signatureworldwide.com