Client-Centered Sales Web Series

With groundbreaking interactive web sessions and personal coaching, our sales training provides your Sales Team Members the skills to outpace the competition and drive results.



Arm your team with the tools they need to develop and execute sales plans that get results. By using a non-manipulative, client-centered approach, your sales team can convert more incoming sales inquiries and make better sales calls every week, thus driving incremental revenues.

This is not a typical web based training.

Signature Worldwide, a leader in sales and customer service training, delivers a series of high-energy, interactive sessions, interspersed with personal coaching and filled with role-plays and best practices that will help anyone responsible for closing a sale!

Whether a rookie or veteran sales person, this training series will help individuals take a more proactive, disciplined approach to selling in order to see significant and sustainable increases in revenue.

This exciting, interactive, consultative sales training program teaches your sales team how to:

  • Establish tactical sales call objectives
  • Package features into true benefit statements
  • Respond to customer objections
  • Strengthen client relationships
  • Gain commitment

By giving associates turnkey techniques that improve the quality of their sales efforts, they will achieve sales goals and have the confidence to deliver the type of client experience that boosts profits.

The Client Centered Sales Web Series is delivered in four sessions and each are followed by a personal coaching session for each participant to practice newly learned skills.

Session 1

Getting More Appointments
Review of proper words and language
Small Group breakout session with Coach

Setting the Call Objective
Review of Continuances versus Advancing the Sales Relationship
Class work and review

Handling in bound inquiries
Preparing for the Out bound sales call
Review of proper words and language on the actual out bound call
Small Group breakout session with Coach Review of Voicemails

Personal Coaching scheduled with each participant prior to Session 2.


Session 2
Receiving Information

The Conversation Shift
Manage the flow of information to create value and not just quoting rates
Small Group breakout session with Coach
Understanding Customer Needs/Building the Pyramid of Knowledge
Uncovering Top Buying Motives and the Decision Making Process

Types of Questions
The best uses of Open-ended, Closed-ended, Reflective and Verification Questions
Small Group breakout session with Coach

Personal Coaching scheduled with each participant prior to Session 3.


Session 3
Presenting Benefits and Responding to Objections

Creating Value
Class web discussion of Value to the Customer

Presenting Benefits
Discussion of Logical and Emotional Benefits
The importance of relating to the individual
Focus on the Benefit versus the Feature
Small Group breakout session with Coach

Responding to Objections
How and when to respond to customer objections
Effective use of Similar Situation and Put it in Perspective
Small Group breakout session with Coach

Personal Coaching scheduled with each participant prior to Session 4.


Session 4
Gaining Commitment and Closing the Sale

Competitive Advantages
Identifying what Competitive Advantages are
Moving from the role of Salesperson to Advocate
Small Group break out session with Coach

Gaining Commitment and Closing the Sale
The Direct, Trial and Summary Close
The effective use of Quid Pro Quo
The six step closing process
Small Group break out session with Coach

Personal Coaching scheduled with each participant.

Ongoing Reinforcement Options

The day after almost any training, your sales team will want to use their newly acquired relationship selling skills, but more often than not, they fall back into their old habits. Not with Signature.

Our follow-up program ensures your sales people fully understand their skills and are also putting them into practice, long after the class has ended.

Mystery Shopping and Coaching

What's the best way to ensure sales skills are being fully utilized? Pretend to be a customer and record the results! While very few of our clients have the time or the personnel to do this, Signature Worldwide's Client-Centered Sales includes a mystery shopper service.

Your sales team members receive a recorded and scored mystery shop after training. They are assigned a coach who reviews the mystery shop with them, identifies areas for improvement and practices with them to establish a continuous sales improvement process. This is their personal sales coach. It's okay to risk failure and ask questions with their coach so they avoid doing it with their customer.

One-on-One Leader/Driver Sessions

Your Signature account manager will facilitate a program driver conference call with designated company management team members to discuss engagement, performance results, best practices and areas of focus moving forward.

Reinforcement Web Classrooms

After training, we will bring your team back together in a web classroom setting.

It is both time and cost effective. During this highly interactive session, your team will share successes and challenges, agree on best practices and continue to practice the Client-Centered sales process.

Signature Cue-Tips™

Knowledge checks and reminders are pushed out weekly to program participants, ensuring the skills once learned are repeatedly reinforced. Each knowledge check takes less than 10 minutes to complete and we have found this process invaluable in ensuring training retention. Reporting is provided that includes participation rates as well as correct/incorrect responses which are summarized in our online reporting system to identify opportunities for future training topics.

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