Value Added Modules

"Over 50% of our business comes to us directly by phone as the preferred method of making reservations. It is critical we close the sale with every call. Signature is a proven methodology to achieve a high close rate."

Frank L. McCabe, President and COO
High Hotels, Ltd

Value Added Modules


Signature is a training solutions company built on the premise that training works best when implemented as part of a long-term relationship, not an event. For that reason, our programs include both initial training sessions and reinforcement programs that support continued skill development for all employees.

The following modules are available for our clients who are a part of our reinforcement program. You can review each and discuss with your training account manager which program is right for your next Signature training visit.



It is costing hoteliers 20-30% of their average rate every time a guest books through an online travel agent – and many times your front desk agent may have had the chance to make the reservation directly. Don’t send those callers online – capture them directly and save the fees!

Selling Against Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)
Are OTAs taking a portion of your hotel’s revenue? In this class, participants will learn what OTAs are and their purpose in the market place. The course will explore the OTAs that exist and the financial impact of the OTA model on booking revenue. The class includes an active exploration of the OTAs that your hotel uses and the marketing tactics that are used by OTAs to entice customers to buy. Finally, the course will focus on building skills that will help participants capture potential direct reservations from OTAs. A process will be introduced that will teach participants how to build value and offer personalized recommendations.

Your agents are great at taking reservations on the phone – but what about when you get walk-ins? Can they capture those potential guests at the best possible rate?

Don’t Let Your Walk-Ins Walk Out
Just as you provide legendary service to a potential guest over the phone, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step formula for providing the same level of service to guests who walk in right off the street! This module focuses on communicating effectively in face-to-face interactions to convert the walk-in guest into a confirmed reservation.

Your callers are so much savvier today than they were a few years ago. They have searched online, they know what you have to offer and they know what your competitors have. When they pick up the phone to call you, they want some specific information – how good are your agents at truly listening and identifying what your potential guests really want to know in order to make their final decision?

Strategic Selling in a New Economy
Successful navigation of a guest’s changing needs and buying motives is critical to staying competitive within the hospitality industry. As economic shifts occur, a response strategy must evolve. With this module, you will develop skills to build collaborative guest relationships, actively listen for buying motives and assertively overcome resistance.

Do you feel like your front desk could make a better first (or last) impression on your guests?

Legendary Arrival and Departure
You’ve already made an extraordinary impression on your guest during the reservations process. Now, deliver the same legendary service during the check-in and check-out processes. This module provides you with a step-by-step formula for assisting guests during check-in to make them feel welcome upon arrival and during check-out to keep them coming back in the future.

Do you feel like your guest service representatives sound too scripted or robotic when they are taking reservations?

Conversational Calls
So, you’ve been introduced to the Magic Formula and practiced the basic skills. Now, it’s time to polish those skills by making every guest interaction legendary. This module focuses on personalizing guest conversations to build rapport and make the sale.

Do you want to prepare your hotel front desk agents to be confident, while still delivering Legendary Customer Service, when they have to 'walk' a guest?


Proactive Guest Relocation
It happens to every hotel at some point: over-booked! Learn how to diffuse a potentially sticky situation and turn an inconvenience into a legendary experience for your guest.

Are you confident that your entire staff is engaging with your guests in a legendary manner?

Proactive Service: Passing By and Guest Requests
Showing guests that you’re not only able to meet their expectations, but exceed them, is critical to creating legendary experiences. This module shows you how to anticipate guests’ needs (whether passing them in the hallway or upon requests) to deliver a WOW experience!

Is your goal to increase reservations conversions and reduce your number of denials and regrets?

Responding to Resistance
Strengthen your team’s skills at uncovering and responding to objections to maximize conversion ratios and deliver legendary service during the reservation process.

Your guest service agents aren’t always at their best when a customer complains – do you wish they were more comfortable and empathetic?

Legendary Complaint Handling
We all need the awareness and skills to respond to people who have complaints. Learn how to do it in a legendary way and guarantee guest satisfaction.

No company is perfect, make your customers 'fall in love with you' even when there is a service recovery situation.

Building Loyalty Through Service Recovery
In this advanced course, participants are motivated to move beyond satisfying unhappy guests using the complaint handling tools. You’ll discover strategies for leveraging a guest complaint to win loyalty using service recovery skills and applying experience management expertise.

Do your guest service agents need to juggle multiple activities but still need to deliver legendary service to all guests?

Assisting Multiple Guests
Providing legendary service consistently can be challenging, especially when you’re operating with limited resources and staff. This module teaches you the skills needed to simultaneously assist multiple guests on the phone and in person to ensure a legendary experience for everyone.

Are you worried that you are leaving money on the table? Are you giving away your upgrades instead of selling them?

Revenue Ambassadors
Maximize your ADR and revenue by perfecting your up selling skills during reservation inquiries, check-in and walk-in procedures. Train your associate to build value for your upgraded room types so you may use them for up selling opportunities as opposed to complimentary upgrades.

Does your hotel front desk staff wonder why you mystery shop them? Are they getting the most that they can out of the calls and scores?

What Gets Measured Gets Done
Is your team unclear about how performance is measured? In this module, they will listen to shop calls and review on-site shop scenarios to better understand how Magic Formula skills are measured. They will also assess personal strengths and growth opportunities.

Do you feel like there are inconsistencies in the level of customer service your guests receive?

Check Your Service Attitude
Are you able to appropriately gauge your customer service attitude and its impact on your guest’s experience? In this session, you will identify factors that affect the overall quality of a guest interaction and uncover tips to develop, communicate and maintain a positive service attitude.

Are there any major changes coming up in your hotel’s future? Will you staff need to learn to embrace these changes?

Cycle of Change
Change affects us, the organization, and even the customer. We can’t always control change, but we can learn about the journey of change and develop strategies to help us cope. This module provides managers, supervisors and associates with a thorough understanding of the nature of change, the forces that cause it and helps identify strategies for dealing with change in the workplace.

How easily does your front desk staff adapt to different guest personalities?  Are they the same with every guest? Is that the best approach?

Partnering with Different Personalities
Improve customer service by understanding the people you are serving. This study of personality styles addresses the likes and dislikes of the different people we encounter in our business and teaches your team how to adapt to their style.

Do you feel like your staff could be working better together? Are there some islands that need bridges built?

Team Building
There truly is strength in numbers! Enhance your interpersonal skills and realize your team’s true potential through participation in a variety of hands-on activities.

You want your managers and supervisors to help their teams grow by using effective coaching and planning.

Manager’s Guide to Improving Employee Performance
Help your team to achieve their true potential! In this module, Managers and Supervisors will learn to conduct coaching conversations with their team and collaboratively develop action plans that lead to performance improvement.

Do you feel your GSRs rattle off the same list of features and benefits to every caller, regardless of what unique needs they might have?

Personalizing Benefits
Personalizing benefits helps your agents understand the difference between presenting a list of benefits versus really personalizing what is unique about your property to what might be particularly appealing to that potential customer. They will also learn the difference between logical and emotional language that will help them engage the caller and differentiate your property from your competitors.