Onsite Mystery Shopping

Live up to your potential with onsite, in-person mystery shopping.



We have a network across the country of mystery shoppers who will visit your business in person, pose as a customer, experience your culture and create a detailed report of their person to person experiences.  Similar to telephone mystery shopping, we agree on what will be shopped, what are role model behaviors and we create a score sheet and scoring guidelines. 

What kind of behaviors are we mystery shopping in-person?

Do your employees create a welcoming environment for your customers?  Do they make immediate eye contact or do they continue on with their personal conversations while your customers wait in line?  What if your customers have  a question or complaint?  Are their concerns addressed professionally or defensively, or worse yet, completely ignored. 

If you have clients or customers who walk into your business, or call to make advance reservations or appointments to visit your business, we can perform a mystery shop for you.  Currently we conduct onsite shopping for the following industries:

  • Hotels
  • Casinos
  • Spas
  • Restaurants

To find out if we can perform an on-site mystery shop of your business, contact us for more information.