Sales Mystery Shopping

Improve your sales team's success with sales mystery shopping.



Within the sales department of most organizations, there are a number of valuable shopping opportunities.  Our clients ask us to measure a variety of behaviors:

  • What is the average response time for web inquiries or phone inquiries?
  • How detailed do the sales people work to uncover what is important to the caller?
  • How thoroughly does your sales force represent your hotel or business? 
  • What information is sent to your clients about your hotel or business?  Brochures, proposals, testimonials?  How quickly is the information sent? 


Our shopping department is expert at creating realistic scenarios, presenting typical objections and generally representing how well your sales force is working to increase your revenues. 

How does our sales mystery shopping program work?

Just as we designed our frontline telephone shopping program to support our training, so too our sales shopping was initially designed to support our sales training.  We have an in-depth score sheet that supports our training criteria  Why invest in training if you have no way of determining if behavior is changing? 

Our shoppers research your product, and we ask for your help in this.  Following that research, we create scenarios that most closely resemble your typical callers.  We record those conversations.

A separate scorer listens to the call and creates a score sheet measuring completion or use of sales skills. 

We also track correspondence – email or snail mail and provide both the timing and actual documents back for you. 

All of this information is rolled up into a single report, which we email to you and can also provide to you online. 

For the clients we train, we are also able to offer individual coaching along with our mystery shopping.  Our experienced sales coaches listen to the mystery call, set up an appointment with the salesperson and conduct a personalized coaching call.  Sales can be a complex process, and each salesperson applies the skills they learn differently.  Personalized coaching enables you to be sure your salespeople are improving and not simply continuing to repeat the same ineffective habits they may have developed.

We provide our coaches with extensive sales training that we have designed, so we are not able to offer our coaching services to any clients we don’t train.  We are able to provide mystery shopping and reporting to clients who provide their own training, with tailored scoresheets designed to reflect your priorities. 

Competition shopping calls, pre-employment mystery calls, collateral collection calls. 

Our clients have helped us grow our sales shopping product to include a number of other uses.  Some of our clients ask us to do an in-depth shop on their competitors to examine their sales skills or process.  As long as the competitor is not an existing client of Signature, we can perform competitive mystery shopping calls.   Instead of an in-depth sales skills shops, we have also designed shopping to check a specific rate, time of year, or to simply collect banquet menus from a group of competitors.

We have also been engaged to help our clients choose the right salesperson to hire based on how they are treating clients in their current job.  By placing a mystery shopping call to your perspective employee, you can see in advance if they have the tone, responsiveness and professionalism you want to add to your team.  Specific sales skills can be trained, attitude can only be hired. 

Our sales mystery shopping calls can be in-depth or targeted, we work with you to see what will best meet your objectives. 

Call us today to find out how we can help strengthen your sales force with sales mystery shopping.