Mystery Shopping

What is the best way to evaluate your rental company's customer service or sales skills? Pretend to be a customer!



Creating a better, more profitable business starts with better sales and service. Get a completely objective view of how your employees handle customer interactions through Signature Worldwide's mystery shopping services for the rental industry.

Ongoing telephone mystery shopping calls or on-site mystery shops ensure your rental company's customer service providers or salespeople are using their skills.

Whether via telephone or on site, our mystery shop will identify where your rental company's sales and customer service employees excel and where they may need additional training or coaching. You'll gain the quality control you need, and Signature Worldwide will provide you with tools that help create exceptional sales and customer service success.

We have more than 100 contact center agents who will make mystery shopping calls to your employees. Signature Worldwide will record and evaluate all your calls. We also have on-site shoppers available nationwide. Signature Worldwide makes it easy for you to manage the process because we make the results available online. You can view and hear how your employees are interacting with your customers. We have found this ongoing program to be the most effective at helping your business continually increase levels of customer service.

Using state-of-the-art technology, we will give you instant access to calls made by our mystery shoppers or make on-site mystery shop reports available quickly to allow for coaching, measuring, and rewarding your team. Our shopping scenarios help you identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. By using a mystery shopping program that is tailored for you, we'll be able to help refine and advance your staff's newly acquired sales and customer service skills to create lasting change.

Get started with mystery shopping for your rental company today - and get three FREE mystery calls!

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