Hospitality Sales Suite

Signature Worldwide's hospitality sales training programs cover all facets of the sales process. Our programs will train the skills that develop your sales team to achieve your goals regardless of their current level of expertise.



Signature has been researching sales strategies, developing sales training programs and continually updating our content to reflect the changing habits of our prospects, influencers and decision makers. We can provide a program for your team or a development plan for individuals within your team.

The role of the hospitality sales person has changed. Make sure your sales team keeps their skills sharp to out-perform the competition.

A one time training event will not provide skills that last. Signature Worldwide provides ongoing reinforcement to ensure your sales people retain what they have learned. This is a comprehensive development program to assess, train, coach and measure your sales people.

Client-Centered Sales™

Ccs The goal of Client-Centered Sales is to drive sales revenues while improving professionalism and creating consistency. A simple and straight forward, client-centered sales approach is taught using interactive skill practice sessions.  Your salespeople will have fun learning and practicing how to convert more incoming sales inquiries and make more, higher quality, proactive sales calls every week. We will show your salespeople how to:

  • Take incoming calls and avoid the “order taker” approach
  • Approach the job of selling with a non-manipulative, client-centered attitude
  • Establish credibility, build rapport, create interest and increase confidence in the first minute
  • Slow down, ask better questions, listen more and take better notes
  • Confirm a client’s needs versus wants, understand their priorities, determine their decision process and get a feel for their overall budget before presenting their hotel’s information
  • Paint a “picture” of what the hotel will do to meet the client’s most important needs and wants
  • Give a more impressive and personalized tour of the hotel facilities either in person or online
  • Check the client’s temperature and level of understanding
  • Build value before presenting rates and to handle the rate question early
  • Attain and maintain a higher rate and offer alternatives other than a discount
  • Respond to issues, concerns and objections – especially a real price objection
  • Ask for the business (close the sale!) at the right time and in the right way
  • Gain a specific level of commitment that advances the sales process, builds the relationship and drives repeat and referral business.

Client-Centered Sales Interactive Web Series™

Signature’s premier training specifically for hospitality sales people is now available in an online format. With groundbreaking interactive web sessions, and small group break outs, each web session is followed by personal coaching for each attendee. Our sales training provides your sales reps the skills to outpace the competition and drive results.

Legendary Prospecting™ - Phone, Email and Social


Signature’s Legendary Phone, Email and Social Prospecting training encourages business development as a continuous, active process. In these sessions, attendees will learn to create the right message and then put it to use with on-the-spot prospecting.  Each delivery method is unique and understanding the best practices for phone, email and social will differentiate you from your competitors and increase real opportunities in your pipeline.

Legendary Prospecting - Phone

Anyone who says cold calling is dead probably hasn’t taken our Legendary Prospecting – Phone program! In this module you will learn how to:

  • Identify why and when telephone prospecting may be the best tool
  • Create an effective elevator story that clearly communicates your value
  • Leave voicemails using interest building statements to get your phone calls returned
  • Practice live in class
  • Make phone prospecting a daily habit

Legendary Prospecting - Email

This “live fire” session allows participants to learn and do with the expectation that real prospects will reply to their sales team members. With clear email prospecting guidelines and enhanced communication skills, sales team members will generate new business and gain greater penetration with existing clients.

In this program they will learn how to:

  • Reach the right contact
  • Create subject lines that encourage increased open rates
  • Get their emails through spam filters
  • Craft emails that clearly communicate a mutual benefit for both you and your prospect
  • Increase response rates

Legendary Prospecting - Social

Signature’s Legendary Prospecting - Social focuses on prospecting in the digital age – without abandoning what has worked and continues to work in the offline world. Our goal is to get your sales pipeline overflowing with good prospects and opportunities.

In this session your sales people will learn:

  • How to set up a profile on LinkedIn that attracts your targets
  • What is the best way to connect with potential prospects
  • The difference between selling and prospecting online
  • What is the best social media site for your market
  • Self branding
  • Social media selling etiquette
  • How to build virtual relationships
  • Where on the web can you find great leads
  • Creating online goals and action plans

Each module is six hours as a stand alone class but you can combine two modules for an 8 hour day of training or all three for a day and a half.

For a more in-depth look at these options, we have created this brief video for you:

Legendary Negotiating™

LnSignature’s Legendary Negotiating training has been updated to take into account today’s educated buyer. We take a client-centered sales approach and focus on how create a mutually beneficial sale without offering concessions.

In this full day session, attendees will learn:

  • Effective negotiating tactics
  • To have confidence when asking for your price
  • How to use the Johari’s window to determine a negotiating strategy
  • Identifying different types of buyers and how best to negotiate with that personality type
  • How to walk away from a piece the right way

Writing a Winning RFP™

WrfpThe sales process has changed over the years and sales people are spending more and more time responding to RFP's and less time directly engaging the potential client. This can be frustrating for a sales person whose strengths lie in connecting with the client and selling benefits. However there are ways to use those selling skills and increase the chances of creating a winning proposal. Based on meeting planner panels and research of which proposals get noticed, this training helps the sales person streamline the process to creating winning proposals that stand out from the competition.

Signature's Writing a Winning RFP can help the sales person design a proposal that solicits a response. We will help them go outside of the cookie cutter proposal to create ones that are sales based and specific to the client. We will also show ways to implement these easily by customizing some key areas to make an impact with the buyer.

In this four hour session, your team will learn:

  • How to avoid early elimination
  • Write benefit statements that engage meeting planners
  • Identify when to pick up the phone or send an engaging email
  • Creative methods for standing out from your competitors

Persuasive Presentation Skills™

PpsStudies consistently show that that speaking in public is one of our greatest fears – more than spiders, dying, and just about everything else!

However, presentations are becoming more important to the success of our jobs. We are being asked to present in front of large and small groups on a variety of topics for various lengths of time. Whatever the situation, it is important that the presenter be confident, prepared and persuasive. The presentation needs to be a good experience for the presenter and the audience.

Signature’s Persuasive Presentation Skills training is a comprehensive interactive training program designed to help alleviate the fears of talking in public. This training will provide them the tools and skills to effectively deliver a presentation that gets results.

In this two day course you will learn to:

  • Define the components of a successful persuasive presentation.
  • Evaluate and Identify personal techniques to enhance verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Assess and determine behaviors that will energize your audience.
  • Develop an action plan to apply techniques within your own personal and professional situations.
  • Identify the factors to consider when building credibility with your presentation audience.
  • Define methods which can be used to gain audience attention and/or support your presentation content.
  • Identify the stages of an effective presentation and determine best practices for incorporating persuasive components within each stage.
  • Determine personal best practices for developing and organizing presentation content and/or ideas.
  • Analyze the benefits and determine challenges using visual aids to support your presentation.

Adaptive Performance Management™ – Training For The Sales Leader

ApmThis two and a half day active working session engages and elevates the skills of the sales leader. This is a high level class that is not just theoretical but uses real life examples from the participants to have them complete evaluations, reviews and action plans for their sales people. They will leave clearly understanding the role of a sales leader.  They will have tools to help them identify behaviors and abilities of their teams and they will learn and practice coaching, evaluations, performance reviews, and setting SMART goals.  They will leave with their own action plans to be reviewed in follow up web sessions to maintain focus on their development as sales leaders and their development of their sales teams.

In this two and a half day course, your sales leaders will learn to:

  • Understand the difference between managing and leading
  • Identify where each team member falls on the desire and skill quadrant, and how to adapt their management style based on that information
  • Deliver both developmental feedback and positive reinforcement in a meaningful, behavior changing way
  • Prepare 90 day performance improving action plans
  • Prepare and deliver more effective performance evaluations
  • Get the most out of each sales team member to increase sales!

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