Service Edge Hotel Employee Training

Service Edge™: guest service training that increases customer loyalty, raises customer service scores, improves TripAdvisor popularity, and motivates your front desk employees to deliver legendary experiences every day.




Improve guest impressions and customer service scores when you use Signature Worldwide's Service Edge™ hotel employee training program.

Not your typical employee training, Service Edge™ is a fun and empowering customer service training course that gives frontline and support staff the motivation and confidence they need to make every guest encounter a positive one.

Improve your TripAdvisor popularity by delighting your customers across all departments with our Service Edge™ customer experience training.

We have been delivering customer service training to hotels for 30 years.  We have made a lot of money for a lot of organizations which has enabled us to be one of the oldest hospitality training companies around.  What has enabled us to survive the ebbs and flow of the past 30 years?  We are constantly learning and evolving.

Some things will never change – people what a connection, people want to be pleasantly surprised.  What has changed is that we have really learned that if you want to see your employees delivering an elevated level of customer service, your managers and supervisors need to deliver the same level of service to your employees.  Employees also want a connection and to be pleasantly surprised.  It is a 100% team effort to elevate service levels.  Which is why we are pleased to introduce our brand new Service Edge™ – The Social Approach.

 Service Edge Pyramid

Assessment – What is wrong with you?

Just kidding, sort of.  In this phase we want to to talk with a number of levels of employees – owners, managers, supervisors and the front line.  We ask a pretty wide variety of questions but bottom line, we want to know – what specific behaviors would you like to see that will close the gap between expectations and reality.  We have an arsenal of suggestions but first we really want to know, who are you and who do you want to be?

Tailoring of material

The good news is, this isn’t rocket science.  Your employees need to smile, make eye contact, be approachable, appear knowledgeable, and commit to ensuring your guests have a fantastic stay.  We have the fundamental materials, off the shelf to take you from here to there.  The other good news - we really want to tailor our materials to promote your culture.  One of the lessons we have learned is that the WHY behind why you are in business is important.  Let us take what we know but format it to communicate to your team members your unique culture.

Stakeholders meeting

The day before training begins, we meet with the stakeholders in your organization.  These are the people who will truly make this program a success.

Training Delivery

This is, in truth, one of our favorite parts.  Unlike most of our competitors, we would NEVER use contract trainers. Our trainers have been with us a long time, because we keep our good ones happy and engaged!  Our trainers understand how to put on a great show – keep everyone engaged – but ultimately, ensure that learning is taking place.  We have historically focused on training the front desk and reservations staff but we have expanded our training to include every front line, customer facing employee – from the bell or valet staff to the front desk, to housekeeping and engineering.  Every potential customer touch point is your opportunity to create loyal, repeat customers.

We will typically deliver a four hour training program for every frontline employee.  In these sessions we cover four critical areas to the guest experience – Connect, Discover, Deliver Value and Legendary Close.

Within these areas, we introduce the differentiators – what will separate you from your competitors.  We have nine “non negotiables” that we will introduce to your team.  The structure of the four hours looks something like this:

Icebreaker – we will open with a fun activity – we know, learners cannot learn when they are nervous or tense – and being in a group is often stressful.  The first thing we do is eliminate that barrier.

Buy In – we have also learned that it is critical to  make sure that every person in the room understands why it is important to change the status quo.  Change is so hard, and unless the participants truly understand why they need to change, training will never be successful.  Sometimes this takes us 10 minutes to convey, sometimes two hours.  This is a critical step and we spend the time we need to make it happen,

Introduction of the skills – We have an engaging way of introducing the skills and tools this team needs to deliver legendary experiences.  We promise your team will learn what is important and how to deliver it.

Role play – we spend a portion of every training session working with your individual departments to practice the top skills they will need to deliver a great customer experience.  They will have a chance to observe others, practice themselves and get feedback from the trainer on their delivery.

Next steps – we send everyone off with a manageable action plan and job aids.  Everyone will be motivated to change their ways but unless you give them some help – they will fall back into old habits as soon as they walk out the door.

Which is why the next step is so critical.  The day after frontline skill training ends, we bring managers and supervisors together for a session on Coaching for Performance™.

The agenda for the Coaching for Performance™ class is a simple one – we help your managers and supervisors to get comfortable in their role as role models and leaders.  Any time an employee delivers a less than exemplary experience, the supervisor has a big impact on what that means for the future success of the organization.  If they say nothing, ignore it because they are uncomfortable delivering developmental feedback, or if they think, oh it is really no big deal – that sends a giant message to all the employees – mediocre performance is okay here!

We give your managers the tools and motivation to deliver both developmental feedback and more importantly – meaningful praise – whenever their team interacts with customers.  The key to success is daily feedback and motivation.

Skill kits – we provide a set of 9 books, full of 5-8 minute activities that managers can discuss with their teams. Each book is centered around an individual non-negotiable skill, like why it is important to be knowledgeable about your property and amenities and how to convey a level of competence to your customers.  

One-on-one phone based coaching sessions for your managers.  The 20 minutes phone calls keep your managers focused and engaged on helping their employees deliver legendary service every day.

Cue-Tips – these are weekly knowledge checks that we push out to managers to ensure what they learned in training sticks.  Weekly reminders, quizzed and tips to help them stay focused on customer service delivery when there are so many other distractions.

Mystery shopping – we suggest ongoing mystery shops – phone based or in person – to help motivate and train employees.  Click here to see a sample onsite mystery shopping form.

Follow up training – your trainer will return to the property to continue to elevate service levels.  We will deliver sessions both to your front line team and to your managers.  Here are a few topics we can cover:

Reinforcement SE

Legendary Check In and Out

The arrival of your guests sets the tone for their entire stay and their departure creates the last memory.  Are you certain your bell or front desk staff is delivering exceptional experiences?

Proactive Service - Passing By and Guest Requests

Showing guests that you're not only able to meet their expectations, but exceed their expectations is critical to creating legendary experiences. This module shows you how to anticipate guests' needs (whether passing by them in the hallway or responding to specific requests) to deliver an experience that will have your guests raving about you on TripAdvisor.  This module is ideal for front desk, bell, valet, housekeeping, food and beverage or any department who is customer facing.

Legendary Complaint Handling

Sometimes service recovery is necessary, mistakes can happen.  Did you know that handling complaints in a legendary manner can not only appease your customer but create a truly loyal advocate.  Most often, the error is not the problem, it is the apathetic attitude of the employee.  Ensure that your employees display empathy and genuine concern for your guests and they will reward you with repeat visits.

Ready for results from our dynamic hospitality service training program?

Our clients say they experience exponential increases in repeat business, better TripAdvisor reviews and word-of-mouth endorsements. Contact us to find out how Service Edge™ can do the same for you.