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Free training with purchase of our reinforcement package!

Don’t let the cost of training hold you back from improving reservation conversion rates, raising ADR, and increasing customer service. Sign up for our reinforcement program and receive our most popular reservation training completely free!

This package includes our interactive Instructor-Led Virtual Classroom, at no cost for up to 12 of your staff members with our reservation conversion course, Transient Edge®. This is a savings of $2,450!

Reinforcement is an integral part of our proven process. The success of any skill-based training program is directly dependent on the quality of support offered to trained employees after the initial event. Employees must be continuously measured, evaluated and coached to help them integrate new skills into their replicable behaviors. Your reinforcement package will include:

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Reinforcement Package

Three Skill Refresher Web Sessions

In these sessions, your Signature Training Account Manager will continue to build the performance of your employees. These 60 minute virtual classes are highly interactive and allow opportunities to reinforce skills learned in the initial training.

Two One-on-One Leader / Driver Sessions

Your Signature account management team member will conduct a program driver call with individual company managers to discuss engagement, performance results, best practices and areas of focus moving forward.

Five Mystery Shop Calls

Experienced Signature shoppers will place calls to your property that are recorded and scored based on the employee’s mastery of the skills taught during training. These inquiry calls are used to measure change in behavior(s) in relation to sales and customer service skill levels.

Unlimited Coaching on Demand™

As part of our ongoing program, employees dial a toll-free number – as often as they like – to role-play, review performance and build skills with Signature’s team of experienced coaches. Dedicated Signature coaching staff provide feedback and instruction on specific sales and customer service skills to those company employees who have participated in training.