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3 Free Calls

Do you want to convert more calls to sales?

If you are closing sales in 3 out of every 10 calls, what's happening to the other 7? Signature’s mystery shopping program will provide you with the insight needed to close more business and increase your revenue.

At our call center, based in Dublin, OH, over 100 agents place more than 35,000 mystery calls a month to various types of businesses, worldwide. Each call is recorded and scored, based on a list of criteria that we jointly design with our clients. The calls are then entered into our web-based reporting system where our customers are given instant access to listen to their calls and review their score sheets. With that information, areas of excellence, areas of opportunity and trends become quickly identified.

So ask yourself these questions: Are your employees making it easy or difficult for callers to do business with you? What is your customer’s experience? Are there employees that need guidance? Let us help you answer those questions today. Take action now and request 3 free calls; you will be glad you did.

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