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Live Chat Experiences™

Live Chat Experiences™

Create professional interactions with Signature's Live Chat Experiences™ program.

Staying on top in the world of customer service often involves embracing new communication technologies. Live chat online is an increasingly important platform for enhancing the customer experience. Many agents have not been formally trained on handling these unique interactions, which is why we created Live Chat Experiences™.

What to expect with Signature's Live Chat Experiences™ course:

Live Chat Experiences is a modern training solution that delves into best practices specific to live chat interactions. This program provides your team the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver legendary service online and make a lasting impression – without being seen or heard! Signature Worldwide’s interactive training program will teach your team to:

  • Recognize the impact of chat communication.
  • Define “Professional Live Chat Experiences” by identifying the four keys of legendary service: Connect, Discover, Deliver Value, Close.
  • Create conversational guidelines that will result in consistent, professional, courteous and informative chat experiences.
  • Demonstrate how to convey tone of voice, build relationships and correctly structure chat interactions.

By giving associates up to date techniques that improve the quality and professionalism of their chat interactions, you will increase customer loyalty and drive revenue.

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