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Long Term Care Customer Service Training

Resident Service Edge™

Ensure resident satisfaction on every interaction, with Signature's Resident Service Edge™ program.

Today’s resident care professionals agree that hiring and retaining the highest caliber of service representatives is a top priority to ensuring resident satisfaction. These representatives play a vital role in generating business and boosting service scores, which is why the Resident Service Edge™ training program was created.

What to expect with Signature's Resident Service Edge course:

Signature Worldwide's Resident Service Edge is a fun, unique and empowering training solution. Our two-part training focuses first on giving frontline and support staff the training, motivation and confidence they need to make every resident encounter a positive one. Through a variety of techniques, your team will learn how to:

  • Help the resident and create immediate and lasting satisfaction
  • Act on resident requests in a service-honoring way
  • Handle challenging situations with winning results

Our second phase of training engages supervisors and managers and builds on the service training. The primary focus is on communication and feedback. Supervisors and managers learn how to:

  • Recognize great behavior
  • Deliver constructive feedback
  • Reinforce training initiatives

Signature will teach your staff our proven service standards to help associates more consistently delight your residents. Training focuses on the four concepts of connect, discover, partner, and provide a legendary close. With this program, participants learn to impact resident impressions, while increasing service scores.

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