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Reinforcing Training That Sticks

Did you know that what happens before and after training is even more important to making training stick than what happens during training?  Even the most well-intentioned training programs often fail due to poor planning or poor follow-up.  At Signature Worldwide, we organize ourselves around YOU to ensure your training is reinforced immediately following training through mystery shopping, coaching and on-going account management services.

Training reinforcement means we help identify what's working, what's not, who's not, and why not.  With a training reinforcement plan, we provide practice through Coaching on Demand™ to ensure training participants apply and master their new skills back on the job.  New employees receive the same, consistent message and your entire team continues to raise the bar post-training.

Your dedicated Signature Worldwide training account manager is committed to your program goals and results, helping you manage your people, the process, and recommending new goals for your follow-up training sessions.

Training reinforcement comes in many forms.

Because we understand that every client has different training needs, we use a variety of training reinforcement methods to ensure training success such as:

  • On-site, face-to-face classroom training
  • Online course development and asynchronous training
  • Virtual, live trainer-facilitated blended learning, called Web Classrooms
  • 30-Minute Mini-Training Sessions via teleconferencing
  • Coaching-on-Demand™
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Dedicated training account management

At Signature Worldwide, we recommend our clients take full advantage of all four parts of our unique training methodology, but if you only need us to reinforce your training, we can do that too!

Our front-line reinforcement solutions include:

Mystery Shopping

Signature Worldwide’s mystery shopping program, Connections by Signature™, provides a snapshot of the sales and service skills of employees from an outside customer perspective. This is an opportunity few companies utilize, but one that can make a marked difference in training effectiveness and bottom line results.

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