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Adaptive Performance Management™

Adaptive Performance Management™

How effective are your managers at driving employee performance?

Last year, a Gallup poll found that a lowly 30 percent of Americans are happy at work, and many complained of “bad bosses” as a major reason for their unhappiness.

Managing people effectively is hard. To help managers get the best performances from their team, Signature is pleased to introduce our newest program – Adaptive Performance Management. 

Adaptive Performance Management Program Overview

Our two-day, facilitator led program helps managers not only understand that managing and leading people requires both desire and skill, but the effort has a worthwhile return. By effectively managing and motivating your staff, you can easily see an increase in employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, reduced turnover, higher productivity and reduced expenses ultimately leading to increased profitability.

We provide skills training by walking our participants through nine modules that give them clear direction on how to effectively motivate, deliver feedback, hold staff accountable and inspire greatness in their team members. 

This interactive, practical approach to managing a team will provide your team with the skills needed to feel comfortable delivering feedback – both positive and developmental. As the training progresses, your team will realize the impact that they can have on the performance of each individual contributor. Motivating team members is not just a “nice to have,” it’s a requirement in today’s competitive landscape; but so few managers and supervisors are equipped to meet the challenge.

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